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Lindy and Kevin both offer professional services, session work, and collaborations. For inquiries please fill out the form below - Thank You!

Lindy currently offers the following professional services:


  • Songwriting collaboration

  • Lead guitar in multiple genres and techniques

  • Acoustic and electric guitar track/part development

  • Classical guitar track/part development

  • Swing jazz sax track/part development

Kevin currently offers the following professional services:


  • Bass guitar (5-string and fretless) tracks, leads, and song development featuring slap, finger, pick, hammer-on techniques in multiple genres. Genres include rock, progressive hard rock, jazz, jazz/rock fusion, metal, jam, pop, funk, blues, soul, smooth jazz, vintage.

  • Native American flute tracks, leads, song development.

  • FREE Native flute tutorials. Kevin's easy to use flute tutorial series, found on the Whispering Light Music YouTube channel, cover topics like creating your first note, breathing, fingering and advanced topics like embellishments, proper mic/recording techniques on stage and in the studio, flute maintenance and care.

  • Skype'd flute lessons by the hour. Email for details:




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Tracks/songs can be developed/approved over the internet and finals processed in ProTools here in our studios and delivered to your location for mixdown.




Phone: (707) 245-6320

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