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Original selected for Gears of War 5 (2019)
"In Saturn's Rings" with Lindy's music now in iMAX theaters
137 songs licensed  in 2017/18 for film/tv (domestic, Korea, Japan, Europe)
One-stop original music licensing portal  for music supervisors ( opens Aug 2018
Lindy now signed with Epic Music LA  for sync placement
Lindy signs with Music of the Sea  (Beyonce', Kool and the Gang, Snoop Dogg) for film/tv placement of her originals.
New tracks under review VH1, BET, MTV, ESPN, FOX Sports, two reality shows and Warner Bros.
female lead guitarist Lindy Day

Lindy day

When performing with Kevin, Lindy often performs a solo classical guitar set as well as modern acoustic/electric guitar duets with Kevin while he performs flutes, basses, and keyboards. Depending on the venue, their music can range from soothing backgrounds to high-energy jazz/rock/electronica fusion.


Lindy is also trained on swing jazz sax and often performs special numbers in their sets.


Lindy is classically trained in multiple instruments and genres such as 19th century classical guitar and was previously performing in New York including Manhattan. Her eclectic playing styles also include rock, punk, and indie alternative.



In addition, Lindy pulls everything from her background- jazz sax, east coast indie rock, and 18th century classical guitar, to compose mature, unique music for her high-energy dance rock band (more at

Lindy Day & vocalist Kayla Bell LIVE
Lead guitarist Lindy Day: electric, acoustic, classical
Lindy Day LIVE in Whispering Light
Lindy Day - 17th Century Classical Guitar LIVE



Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Vai,  Joe Satriani,  Francisco Tarrega,  Orianthi Panagaris,  Jennifer Batten,  Malina Moye, Matteo Carcassi,  Carlos Santana, Elizabeth Cotton, Eric Clapton, Pete Townsend, Buddy Guy, Al DiMeola, Kit West, Benny Goodman



Dr Paul Tooker (band), Joey Berkley (jazz sax), Julio Reyes (traditional classical guitar), Jim Williams (R&B), Kevin Village-Stone (tech and music biz), Steve Stein (hard rock/shred), Vickie Jollife (vocals)

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