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Kevin Village-Stone

NAMMY nominee, award winning composer, multi-instrumentalist, nationally recognized recording artist and touring performer


Featured in Japanese American Citizen's League (JACL) newspaper Pacific Citizen - Christmas edition 2021
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Music from Kevin's studio band Black Ramen licenses music to
Major League Baseball, film "The Pooch Sitter", and NHL

273 songs licensed for film/tv in 2017/21 
(U.S., Korea, Japan, Europe)

Single-step music licensing portal -  WLM Entertainment Group

Now signed with Epic Music LA and Music of the Sea for sync placement

Kevin and Lindy Day's music for "In Saturn's Rings"  in iMAX theaters
Live on NBC Bay Area's Asian Pacific America with Robert Honda (second performance) with Ms. Lindy Day
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Professional Credits

The information below is far from extensive given Kevin's history. These are varied samplings of his credits to indicate some of his experience and industry projects in gaming, broadcast, and film.


Project Lead/Producer, Composer, Foley, Sound Design, Recording Engineer:

  • Major League Baseball

  • NHL

  • film "The Pooch Sitter"

  • Gears of War 5 (2019) via Epic Music

  • Guthy Renker

  • ESPN

  • Saban Entertainment

  • Warner Bros


  • Fox Sports

  • iMAX "In Saturn's Rings"

  • Crooked House

  • Lam Research Corp

    • soundscore for Semicon Technology Tradeshow - Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Germany)

    • multi-media music and custom bumper library

  • Microsoft

  • Lockheed Martin Missles and Space

  • The Learning Company

    • Carmen San Diego

    • Logic Quest

    • Bob Vila's "This Old House" TV show and CD-ROM

    • Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia

    • Oxford Talking Dictionary (voice recording lead) ft. voices of B.B.C. London

    • Reader Rabbit's Reading Development Library (volumes 1,2,3)

    • Reader Rabbit International/Spanish

    • Reader Rabbit Let's Start Learning

    • Reader Rabbit Midnight Rescue

    • Reader Rabbit Interactive Reading Journey

    • Labyrinth

    • Reader Rabbit's Interactive Math Journey

    • Super Solver's-Midnight Rescue

    • Reader Rabbit's Let's Start Learning

    • Scorebuilder for ACT

  • IBM

    • original soundscore for Comdex/Microsoft prodction - Chicago and New Orleans)

  • Diamond/Morgan/Northend/Albers ("Awaken The Senses" promo video for NEC at Siggraph Expo, San Diego)

  • Carter/Waxman Advertising and Public Relations (multiple radio ads for Carter/Waxman clients)

  • Pacifico Marketing and Advertising (multiple radio and TV ads for Pacifico clients)

  • American Art Society (radio spots and original event music for the A.A.S. Art Festival Union Square, San Francisco and Life Time Achievement Award Ceremony honoring Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Also present were representatives from the NAACP, United Way, United Negro College Fund, San Francisco Archdiocese, ACLU, and San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown)

  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society (original music for video presentation-banquet and award ceremony)

  • Dominican Hospital (multiple radio and TV ads featuring the voice from "National Geographic")

  • Santa Cruz Sports Medicine Center (multiple radio and TV ads)

  • Vision MRI - (promotional production for the MRI/Medical industry)

  • Royal Courts Athletic Club (custom aerobics and step music )

  • C3V "Catch The Fire" television show (opening theme, segues and bumpers)

  • Konocti Broadcasting Company (opening news theme, segues and bumpers)

KevinVillageStone-native flute_edited.jpg
Kevin Village-Stone: basses, keys. Native American Flutes
Referrals, Awards, Accolades
2014 Holy Cannoli
coast-to-coast tour
Native American Music Awards
nominee - "Best Album"
Radio Mercury Awards
"Best Radio Ad" - Staples

“There's no way canned or library music could deliver the impact to match our visual production. Only your original music could do that. Anything else is second rate at best". 

Clark Gussin, Multimedia Producer - IBM Headquarters, San Jose, CA

"Kevin impressed me from the start. His talent, professionalism, work ethic and energy was contagious and the projects turned out to be both successful and a contributor, a creative force, a positive influence." 

Karen McLennan, Corporate Communications Mngr - Lam Research Corp, Fremont, CA

"Kevin has successfully completed several audio projects for Lam Research was my pleasure to work with such a creative professional on this project.......was very cost conscious and sympathetic to our budgetary constraints.....also worked out a pricing arrangement which completely met our needs."           

John Vargas - Multimedia Specialist/Lam Research Corp

“[Kevin] has been a leading contractor for The Learning Company for many years...His work has been outstanding and of the highest quality...[his] response time and delivery have been contributing factors in meeting critical schedules...consistently displayed a “can do” attitude ...walked the extra mile to accommodate our changing project requirements and guarantee us both expedient delivery and superior workmanship".

Eric Van Rhee - Director of Creative Services/The Learning Company, Microsoft/Softkey

"The end product speaks for itself. It is a testament to the creativity and compassion you placed on this project. We received nothing but positive feedback.....Thanks again for the time, energy, and talent you put in this very  wonderful project".

   Carla Fredrica Hines - Executive Dir/National Multiple Sclerosis Society

"As performers, I would describe Kevin and Lindy with these words; hardworking with an ease in preforming, successful in a variety of venues; talented, lively, versatile, unique, personable, and connected to their music, the audience and each other.

These are words to describe the music that they share; unique, personal, Native American, roots, jazz fusion, evolving, provoking and enchanting".

Cheri Holden - Watershed Books and Music

"[Kevin] captivates folks of all ages ..... He is articulate, professional, polite and wonderful performer! [We] highly recommend him for any work".

Charlie Toledo - Suscol Int

Features and articles
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All original material by Kevin Village-Stone and studio bands Black Ramen and Whispering Light are available via exclusive and non-exclusive licensing for film, games, tv, and media such as YouTube. All material is deliverable in industry formats (up to 96k/32bit) as fully mastered final mixes, sync edits, and stems.

Publishing via WLM Entertainment Group ( and Music of the Sea (Eddie Caldwell).

Kevin's management can be reached at for all licensing inquiries


Kevin Village Stone, a native of the San Francisco Bay Area has been in the music and post-production industry for decades as a composer, performer, producer, and pro-audio/recording engineer.

Currently he writes and records for games, film, and is founder of WLM Entertainment Group at

Kevin's music and production work have appeared in international productions, radio and television, games, educational resources, and marketing productions for Fortune 100 companies.
Jazz and classically trained on trumpet since the age of eight, Kevin has studied under San Francisco Symphony alumni, Chuck Rainey, John Handy, Johnny Coppola (Maynard Ferguson Band), to name a few.


His main composition genres are high-energy electro-rock, epic cinematic orchestra, rock symphony, orchestral, jazz/rock fusion, Native American flute, EDM, electronica, ambients (soft to horror), funk, hard rock, heavy metal, smooth jazz, and organic world rhythms.

Being of Cherokee and Japanese ancestry and now living in Merced County, California, Kevin performs and records original compositions while teaching at local schools with a focus on multi-cultural appreciation.

In concert, he has been known to play multiple instruments simultaneously and his sets range from meditative to smooth jazz to hard progressive alternative rock and now electro-rock with Black Ramen. His main instruments of study are native flutes, bass guitars, keyboards, piano, and organic world instruments.


His work includes the renowned "Whispering Light" series of meditation music CDs that have gained widespread popularity not only among the spiritually practicing public, but also among Yoga and Tai-Chi instructors, psychotherapists, Reiki practitioners, massage therapists, recovery groups, and other healthcare/well-being professionals.

"Regarding Native American flute, I do not consider myself to be a 'traditional' Native flute player although I know many traditional songs (inipi olowan, wocekiye olowan, and multi-tribal traditionals) that I play for myself and ceremony." says Kevin. "I leave that for those who grew up with those traditions and have the historical background. The music I perform is a type of cross-cultural renaissance from inside me that uses every musical element I have learned and experienced. I am merely expressing what is in my soul and heart and hopefully others will join me in the journey. As with the Cherokee story of Sale Gugi Usdi, I can only be what the Great Creator of All Things has made me to be and to honor all those who came before me".





Attending the Cirque Du Soleil with his daughter, traditional Native American storytelling, ancestral drumming, Native American beading/art/leatherwork/crafts/flintknapping, backpacking, hiking, camping, fishing and backpacking, natural horsemanship, raising and caring for animals and birds both wild and tamed, gardening, swimming, Seishin Aikido, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Japanese swordsmanship (kenjutsu), archery, North American medicinal plants and herbs, reading, meditation, world/cultural history, theology, quantum physics, astronomy, comparative studies in spirituality, dancing (tribal and modern), off-grid sustainable living, sitting-on-the-floor-barefoot-jammin-with-musicians, and gourmet cooking (yes, and gourmet EATING too...).




Musical Influences


Jazz, Alternative, Smooth Jazz, Fusion-

Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke, Weather Report, Maynard Ferguson, Brian Bromberg, Keiko Matsui, Kazuo Matsui, Dave Brubeck, Horace Silver, Louis Armstrong, Lionel Hampton, Harry James, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Sting, Annie Lennox, Al DiMeola, Marc Antoine, Nora Jones, Jeff Beck, Michael Manring, Eda James, Sade, Charlie "Bird" Parker, Rufus Cappadocia.



Loreena McKennit, Yoshida Brothers (Yoshida Kyodai), R. Carlos Nakai, Laughing Crow, Douglas Spotted Eagle, Robert Mirabal, Tomita, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Kodo (taiko drummers of Japan), Terry Travis, Bob Marley, Peter Buffet and Chief Hawk Pope, Earl Bullhead, Crazy Horse Singers, Red Leaf Singers, David Swallow Jr, Jose Cabazas, Cathie Ryan, Robert Tree Cody, Standing Eagle Singers, Red Cloud Singers.


Progressive/Progressive Rock-

Porcupine Tree, Steve Vai, Dream Theater, Liquid Tension, Dragon Force, Spock's Beard, Ozric Tentacles, Yes (all eras), Emerson Lake and Palmer, Kansas, Jethro Tull, Moody Blues, Journey (early), Ronnie Montrose/Gamma, Mike Oldfield, David Bowie, Brian Eno, Michael Manring, Edgar Winter Group.


Rock - Alternative, Punk-

Empires, Death Cab for Cutie, Linkin Park, Nickelback, POD, Silver Sun Pickups, Green Day, Carolina Liar, Foo Fighters, Cold Play, Five for Fighting, Goo Goo Dolls, Muse, The Rocket Summer, Switchfoot, The Killerz, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Explosions in the Sky, Fallout Boy, Hyde (Haido).


Dark Wave/Gothic/Gothic Orchestra, Dance Metal-

Within Temptation, Krypteria, Seven Mary Three, Lacuna Coil, Type O Negative, Apocalyptica, Flyleaf, Evanescence/Amy Lee, Eyes of Eden, Epica, E.S. Posthumus, Leave's Eyes, Nightwish, Tristania, Sirenia Poisonblack.


Hard Alternative/Grunge-

Days of the New, Rob Zombie, Rammstein, Sound Garden, Drowning Pool, Tool, The Used, Stone Temple Pilots, System of a Down, Smashing Pumpkins, Kurt Cobain/Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Criss Angel (the "Mind Freak" illusionist), Rage Against the Machine, Danzig, Godsmack, Audioslave, Alice in Chains, Breaking Benjamin.


Classic and Mainstream-

Sixx AM, Smash Mouth, Van Halen, Deep Purple, Journey (early), Led Zepplin, Santana, Sammy Hagar, Queen, Jimi Hendrix, Tom Petty, Thin Lizzy, Allman Brothers, Melissa Ethridge, Janis Joplin, Sarah McLaughlin, David Matthews, The Who, Ozzy Osborne, ZZ Top, The Tubes, Aerosmith.


R and B-

Ray Charles, Billie Holiday, Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker, Big Mama Thornton, Etta James, Corky Seagle, B.B. King, Temptations, Smokey Robinson, Eric Clapton, Robert Cray Band, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Leon Redbone.


Electronica, Trance, Trip Hop, House-

Imogen Heap, Prodigy, Kraftwerk, Sounds from the Ground, STS9, William Orbit, Philip Glass (early), Uberzone, Tangerine Dream, Tomita, Chemical Brothers, Explosions in the Sky, Owl City, Psicodreamics, Bassnectar, Trent Reznor.


Meditation and World-

Jonathan Goldman, Ravi Shankar, John McLaughlin, Sudha, Enigma, Anugama, Amethystium, Aeoliah, 2002, Bodhi, Dean Evenson, Li Xiangting, Harold Budd, Brian Eno, Steve Roach, Deuter, Dean Evenson, Maneki Neko, Roger Eno, R.Carlos Nakai, Robert Tree Cody, Kim Bold, Kitaro, Jon Anderson, various Zen Shakuhachi players


Assorted Symphonic Composers-

Jean-Francois Cote (Cirque Du Soleil - "Kooza!"), Rene Duprere - Cirque Du Soleil - "Alegria"), Violaine Corradi (Cirque Du Soleil - "Dralion" and "Varekai"), Beethoven, Vivaldi, Gustav Holtz, Michael Hedges, Bach, John Williams (modern composer), Yanni (modern composer), Hans Zimmer (modern composer), Rimski Korsokoff, Tchaikovsky, Mendelssohn.






Jazz, classical trumpet - 12 years-

Frank Hansbury, George Carter III, Johnny Coppola (Maynard Ferguson Band), Chuck Rainey, John Handy, Dr. Kruth (San Francisco State), San Francisco Symphony and Don Reinberg (1st chair trumpet).


Powwow drumming and traditional Lakota singing-

Marvin Little Moon, Sonoma Dave (Ocaranza), Rick Goodsell.


Kevin can be reached via his WLM Entertainment Group at for all inquiries

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