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Goin Green

As aware and conscientious human beings, we do everything we can to use our music to benefit the world around us including the impact we may have upon it. People like you help us do just that .


What we have done so far:


  • Gone to 100% LED stage lighting which consumes only 30% of the power incandescent lighting uses, almost no heat output, lighter in weight which effects carbon footprint of transportation. Even very large stages (mostly in Europe) are switching over.

  • All our products in our store are made of durable stainless steel or ceramic to replace disposable plastics and organic cotton for apparal (coming soon) and totes.

  • Reuse and recycle - we buy used gear (supports local business and keeps gear out of the landfill), plus reuse and recycle at home (Kevin and Lindy only put out 2 garbage cans A YEAR !!!).

  • Buy organic, fair trade, sustainable products.

  • Kevin and Lindy are correspondents for Good News For The Earth sharing breaking news on technology and socio-political changes that are truly good news for Mother Earth.



What's next:


  • Hybrid vehicle transportation

  • Alternative energy sources for performances

  • Official merchandise (including CD packaging) made from 100% recycled and/or organic fair-trade materials.



How you can help:


We have a chance to get outside CD replication featuring 100% recycled materials, 100% biodegradability (except the CD itself), organic inks, and no plastic wrap. As indie artists we wholeheartedly support the manufacture of our products to be eco-friendly and safe for our customers and the environment.


But here's the catch...


To be truly cost-effective we need to order in lots of 1,000 at the price of $1,100 (including shipping). This is a steal but it's STILL $1,100 and we have seven released CDs and five more in production. That would be $1,100 times 12.


Yeah, the math hurts...


So we're going to replicate our most popular CDs first and go from there. But as indies (and all you indies out there know this) most of our proceeds get reinvested back into live performance gear, repairs, vehicle maintenance, current CD replication, travel and marketing.


Oh yeah, food and rent is in there somewhere...


So we've placed donation buttons here for any of you who believe in what we're trying to do and have the means to support us. Your NON-tax deductible donation of any dollar amount will specifically go towards eco-friendly efforts and nothing else (you won't be donating to a vacation in Japan). So whether you donate or just enjoy our CDs we want to thank you for your support!

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