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Lindy interviewed by Woman's International Music Network  (read here)

Article: "Lindy Day is breaking the guitarist mold"
by Inspire.Life

"Lindy Day is a female lead guitarist out of California. When she’s not working on her album, she plays gigs as the guitarist of Killer Queens an all female Queen Tribute band. Lindy also does a lot of guest appearances with other classic rock bands.

Her main goal when performing is for people to leave the show in a better place than when they walked in. That’s where her energy comes from when she plays, the audience. Between all her playing she maintains her social media, with over thousands of fans on Instagram. Lindy is working on releasing her first album by 2017 which will feature her guitar skills and for the very first time — her voice."



read the full article here

  • "[Lindy] you ROCK!" - Malina Moye - Billboard/Guitar World top-ten guitarist


  • "Beautiful, great vibe and soul - love it". - Robert Fertl of Threestyle - Germany


  • "Incredible show!". - Turning Point - Piermont NY


  • "More than captivating music - engaging, sensual, exciting, mesmorizing". Harlam NYC


  • "Beautiful music and great energy". Silvana's, Manhattan NYC


  • "Couldn't take my eyes off them - excited to see what they would do next". Fenix Live CA


  • "These two musicians have gone deep within the spirit of music and produced a sound that transports the listener to musical vistas that are unique and beautiful. Lindy Day brings her guitars to life. She expands the soul of this music--a guitar magician. Whispering Light is a rare treat not to be missed". - Genwa World Wide


  • What an incredible pleasure it was having you here to liven our garden and weekend with your beautiful music. We hope this isn't the last time we have an event like this with you and we absolutely share our guests' joy in how wonderful it is to both work with you and also how incredible a show you put on. Nice to have happy ears, eyes and soul all from two great people! You both are magical". - Tony and Peggy Barthel, owners, Featherbed Railroad Bed and Breakfast Resort


  • "really, this was my favorite band"..."very talented group... amazing music"..."You guys rocked it for sure".  Panel of Judges – Rising Stars Music Competition


  • "This looks like a show to attend for music fans, these local folks won big at the 2013 Rising Stars Music Competition and have signed with an international booking agent. Chances are they won't be around here much longer. Awesome for bragging rights like 'I saw em when' "  J. Jensen, co-founder of Lake County News/Konocti Broadcasting Company


  • “[Kevin and Lindy] your music and performance was perfect for the event (“Wines with Altitude” – San Francisco). Thank you and thank you for supporting the Lake County Wineries. I look forward to being able to work together again soon. Monica Rosenthal, Owner Rosenthal Winery/Executive Director Lake County Wine Assoc. - Middletown, CA


  • "It is without hesitation that I recommend Whispering Light for any event.”  Cielo Fox – Hospitality Director, Brassfield Estate Winery.


  • “I have had the pleasure of hosting Kevin Village-Stone and Lindy Day in a number of venues this spring, and have enjoyed their performances in local venues around the Lake County Community. As performers, I would describe Kevin and Lindy with these words; hardworking with an ease in preforming, successful in a variety of venues; talented, lively, versatile, unique, personable, and connected to their music, the audience and each other. These are words to describe the music that they share; unique, personal, Native American, roots, jazz fusion, evolving, provoking and enchanting”. Cheri Holden, Owner Watershed Books - Lakeport, CA


  • “Kevin and Lindy are truly professional. Every performance is catered to the venue and he is responsive to the energy and enjoyment level of the customers on any given night. Customers regularly ask when they are performing next. It is a genuine pleasure to work with them and I highly recommend them.” Jan Mezouri, Owner – Zino’s Ristorante, Kelseyville, CA


  • “There's no way canned or library music could deliver the impact to match our visual production. Only your original music could do that. Anything else is second rate at best". Clark Gussin, Multimedia Producer - IBM Headquarters, San Jose, CA "[Whispering Light] impressed me from the start. [Their] talent, professionalism, work ethic and energy was contagious and the projects turned out to be both successful and enjoyable.......are a contributor, a creative force, a positive influence." Karen McLennan, Corporate Communications Director - Lam Research Corp, Fremont, CA


  • "Kevin Village Stone has performed at my art studio and the events held at the Tannery Building by the beautiful Carquinez Straits in Benicia. His style of music lends itself to many types of events. Over the years I have known Kevin he has played at art shows, weddings, ceremonial events, community events and more. He is engaging, professional and has much social grace. I find him knowledgeable, informative (especially with his collection of Native American flutes)." Cynthia Alfaro Giroux. Professional Artist, Benicia,CA


  • “Whispering Light has performed for Suscol Intertribal Council three times. At two weekend Pow-wows 2008 through 2010 playing flute and telling Native American stories plus our annual Art Auction. [They] captivate folks of all ages using drum, flute and dance to embellish stories. [They are] articulate, professional, polite and wonderful performers! Suscol Intertribal Council highly recommends [them] for any work with public performance venues." Charlie Toledo, Director - Suscol Intertribal Council Napa, CA


  • "[Whispering Light] has successfully completed several audio projects for Lam Research was my pleasure to work with such creative professionals on this project.......was very cost conscious and sympathetic to our budgetary constraints.....also worked out a pricing arrangement which completely met our needs." John Vargas - Multimedia Specialist/Lam Research Corp





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