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Whispering Light
Native flutes and guitars over Jazz/Rock Fusion

Every performance CLEAN and SOBER

Breaking News:

Feature article in Pacific Citizen - Christmas issue 2021 (publication of the Japanese American Citizen's League - JACL) read more

Music licensed to Major League Baseball and NHL

Lindy's power ballad single "How the Story Goes" hits online retailers and streamers

Lindy interviewed by Woman's Int Music Network  (read here)
Lindy accepts invite as head guitar instructor at new School of Rock, Santa Rosa CA

Now signed with Epic Music LA and Music of the Sea for music to major film and TV

"[Lindy] you ROCK!" - Malina Moye - Billboard Top 5 / Guitar World Top 10 guitarist


"These two musicians have gone deep within the spirit of music and produced a sound that transports the listener to musical vistas that are unique and beautiful. Lindy Day brings her guitars to life. She expands the soul of this music--a guitar magician. Whispering Light is a rare treat not to be missed". - Genwa World Wide


"More than captivating music - engaging, sensual, exciting, 

mesmorizing". -  Coors New Legends Concert Series / New York Tour

Lindy Day

Award-winning lead guitarist ,

17th century classical, acoustic, and electric lead guitars, saxophone, percussion, bass, recording artist, performer.



Kevin Village-Stone

Native American Music Awards nominee,

Native flutes, basses, keyboards, percussion, guitars, recording artist, performer, producer.

Whispering Light featuring female lead guitarist Lindy Day and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Village-Stone

"Beautiful, great vibe and soul - love it". - Robert Fertl of Threestyle - Germany


"Incredible show!". - Turning Point - Piermont NY


"Beautiful music and great energy". Silvana's, Manhattan NYC


"Couldn't take my eyes off them - excited to see what they would do next". - Fenix Live CA


"Sexy and sensual". - Voena


Comments WorldWide:


"fantastic arrangements,creativity and musicianship!" -  Denmark

"absolute masterpieces, fantastic musicianship and arrangements"
- New Zealand.

"great :) wonderful and mystic music" - Paris

"wonderful masterpieces" - Japan

"amazing and beautiful sound !!" - Japan

"lovely, soothing, moving" - Canada

"wow, awesome ambient music" - Canada

"beautiful - love the sound!" - UK

"fabulous!" - Russia

"great music" - New York

"awesome composition, arrangement & musicianship!" - Virginia

"a musical treat by fantastic musicians" - Florida

"brilliant work!" - Ohio

"world class music" - CA

“If you are not following Whispering Light and listening to their Music, you are missing one of the best sounds around!” -- Tweet

Kevin on bass - multiple techniques



“In the last year, Kevin Village Stone and Lindy Day have exploded on our musical scene” — Shelby Posada – Exec Director, Lake County Arts Council.



“your music and performance was perfect for the event (“Wines with Altitude” – San Francisco).  I look forward to being able to work together again soon.” — Monica Rosenthal, Rosenthal Winery Exec Director Lake County Wine Assoc.



"It is without hesitation that I recommend Whispering Light for any event.” — Cielo Fox – Hospitality Director, Brassfield Estate Winery.



“I would describe Kevin and Lindy with these words; hardworking with an ease in performing, successful in a variety of venues; talented, lively, versatile, unique, personable, and connected to their music, the audience and each other. These are words to describe the music that they share; unique, personal, Native American, roots, jazz fusion, evolving, provoking and enchanting” — Cheri Holden, Main Street Assoc.




Kevin Village Stone and custom Carvin basses
Kevin and Lindy of Whispering Light
Lindy soloing live at Ukiah Brewing Company
NEW One Tribe CD cover

ONE TRIBE  also available at:

Amazon MP3     GooglePlay     Sony Qriocity     Music7digital     Medianet     JB Hi-Fi (Australia)     Deezer (UK)     We7 / Blink Box (UK)


And can be heard on:

Spotify     RDIO (Europe)   Deezer (UK)   Simfy (Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Africa)

One Tribe is here!

"One Tribe" is Kevin Village-Stone's 8th full length album featuring Native American Flute blended with hard rock and smooth jazz fusion instrumentals. Kevin is a NAMMY (Native American Music Award) nominee, but also a career studio bassist and keyboardist, which gives the album a well rounded balance. The low end bass grooves and rhythm section will get your feet moving, and the flute melodies are haunting.


Lindy Day, who rounds out the duet, covers electric, acoustic, and classical guitars with a little extra room for alto sax. Between Kevin and Lindy, they play all the instruments on One Tribe.


One Tribe ventures into a new genre, where the Native American Flute takes over in a way that's soulful and exciting.



"We like to identify with races, genders, and countries, but we are also all part of a bigger circle: Humanity. One Tribe is a reflection on humanity without its political borders. We share one planet- we share our trials and errors- our tragedies and hardships. We are many families and nations but together we are One Tribe".

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